Wood. Naturally.

We aim to design and manufacture furniture as durable as the foundations of our tradition, which is: more than 140 years old and is based on using wood as the noblest and most natural material; respect for the environment and the resources it provides; maintaining the heritage of precise handwork that makes each of our products a one-of-a-kind piece.


bentwood furniture


Industrial revolution brought to the world an unprecedented quality standard – furniture could be produced in large volumes, but the work of the machines was completed by the manual dexterity of craftsmen.

This tradition is still valid today. Every piece of furniture leaving the Paged factory is unique in its own way. This is due to the synergy of high woodworking technologies and the craftsmanship of our exceptionally competent professionals, who pass on the secrets of their work to the next generation of employees. Paged Meble factories, working in this spirit, are in fact semi-workshops.

office furniture


& events

NODO armchair awarded as Must Have 2023 at the Łódź Design Festival
Paged's innovative plywood at the International Furniture and Interior Design Fair in Cologne
Paged Furniture and its Alter Ego

Alter Ego 2023

The premiere of the Paged Alter Ego Collection took place during the Salone del Mobile.Milano

there is only one environment


The ecosystem that supplies us is the same environment in which we and our clients live and operate. We have been minimizing environmental losses and balancing acquired resources for almost 140 years. We treat the environment as a whole and we take care of it in a number of ways simultaneously. Thus, we create an efficient, autopoietic system of interaction with the environment.

Paged PROFILE: plywood shapes

tradition and experience

technological processes

To this day, despite the huge market demand, the technological heritage of the Thonets is being exploited by only a few factories in Europe that were previously part of the Thonet-Mundus Empire. The Jasienice branch of Paged Meble belongs to this elite group.

Alter Ego 2023

Premiera Kolekcji Paged Alter Ego odbyła się podczas targów Salone del Mobile.Milano