Circular Economy Ready

"Look again at tę kropkę. It is our dom. It is us. On it, everyone whoówhom you love, whom you know. Of whom you have ever heardś. Każdyłperson whoóever existedł, throughżył there their żlife.This is the sum total of ourśand sadnessów. (...) On a speck of dust suspended in the rays of the Sunńca. Pomyśl about the rivers of blood shed by all those emperors who, in glory and victoryęhave been able to standć się temporary włhe part of this dot. Our poses. To our delusional sense of właseżnośyou, our illusion of having whatś privileged position in the allśyou know, challenges this dot of pale śshelterła."

Carl Sagan, "The Blue Dot"

There is no planet B. There is only one environment. We breathe the same air. We drink the same water. We walk in the same places. For us, ecology is not a matter of choice or a spontaneous, one-off action. The ecosystem from which we obtain resources is the same environment in which we and our customers operate. For 140 years, we have been working to minimise waste and to balance the resources we acquire. We treat the environment as a whole and care for it on many levels simultaneously.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly raw material. Of course, every tree is valuable. That's why we harvest this unique raw material in such a way that at least a few young trees are planted in place of each felled trunk. We also make sure that this environmental sacrifice is not in vain. Only models that promise many years of trouble-free service are offered. This time allows nature to renew the resources acquired to produce the chair or table in question.

Together with our audiences and partners, we want to build a world that provides a better quality of life for future generations. We operate by continuing the concepts and good practices of many of our predecessors, enriching them with further initiatives. We are streamlining our processes, optimising our resource management and continuously tightening our stringent environmental standards.
We are ready to take care of the future of our shared environment even better. Help us take care of our planet.